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We all know the situation – you're winning. You're not just winning you are destroying the enemy team. If the enemy team was named 'Butter', your team name would be 'Hot Knife', because you're cutting through them like well … a hot knife cuts through butter. Over 40 minutes in, you're all fed as hell, close to full build across the team. They only have their Nexus turrets left, minions pushing every lane, the whole map is warded, you just took baron, so in short: life is good. And then Vayne decides to end the game. Alone. She's running towards the enemy base like there's no tomorrow and in fact … the enemy team that had just wiped right before Baron is back up. Brave Vayne takes them on - she is determined to win this. Now. Well it doesn't work as planned. Meanwhile Thresh is running towards Vayne, lantern in hand, hoping to get in range to save her sorry ass but he is just that one second to slow and gets caught by the Vi ult. That's two down. Death timers at over 50 seconds.
It's okay. Your minions are still pushing, Baron buff left on three people.
You see the enemy Leona warding their jungle followed close by Lucian, they are moving swiftly towards Dragon, clearing wards as they go. What is your Jarvan IV doing? Isn't it obvious? Well he is waiting the seconds for Drake to respawn and is probably checking his facebook. He is slowly being shut down by the combined efforts of the L-Team, as Riven decides to pause farming jungle minions and TP in - because obviously, she can save Jarvan. Man, it was better when they were flaming each other in chat. The Prince falls just as Riven arrives. She is then faced with a freshly entered Mega-Gnar and the L-Team that is still looking pretty healthy, after all J4 didn't even struggle. But hey, why run? She is a fed Riven after all!
'Shut down' is all you hear from her, while enemy Ahri and Vi destroy your last outer turret. You are the last one standing. One Ice Witch to fend them all off. You're protecting the inhib best as you can, as the Lucian joins the push. Vayne and Thresh are back up, middle inhib at 30%.
You see them homeguard towards you, Thresh lands a hook on fat hands. You encase Ahri in a Frozen Tomb, while Vayne decides that Leona who is pushing the second turret botlane, is a much nicer target and runs away from you. The screen darkens as Vi punches you down with her fists. You're dead. Gnar isn't even there – he is defending their base from super minions. Your inhibitor falls, Thresh dies, followed by Vayne. But there is still hope. Jarvan and Riven will be back up in a few seconds and can defend together. Staring at the screen, with your hands glued to your mouse you watch as they destroy your first Nexus turret. You already know its over, but Jarvan is there – he jumps Lucian under the turret. A Leona ult to the face stops him in his Cataclysm, just to be charmed by Ahri next. With every second ticking from your death timer, the turret is losing more and more health.  But where is Riven? Why isn't she moving?
As Jarvan dies and the Nexus falls you read:
BestRivenEu: Fuck noob J4 /ff
She only followed Keith with her eyes as he walked away down the long corridor. It wasn’t easy resisting the urge to chase him down and try to pummel information out of him. His high and mighty stupid answers had just frustrated and angered her. Luckily she was still calm enough to be able to realistically calculate her chances and was smart enough to know that he probably wasn’t someone whose bad side she wanted to be on. He was unwilling and arrogant yes, but so far he hadn’t been outright rude or dangerous. The second his silhouette had turned out of sight, she unclenched her fist and turned to face the open door.
The furniture inside the large room looked as if it had never been used before. She ran her fingers over the mint green cushioning of one of the old fashioned sofas and wondered what kind of noble house she was in. The only time she had ever seen similar furnishing before was inside palaces that had been turned into museums and those were hundreds of years old – with undeniable witnesses of their lifespans. Scrapes in the wood, sun bleached, worn or ripped fabrics were things you were looking for in vain in the room she was in. Moving over to the window her fingers rested on the cold marble windowsill. Outside the same view, from a different perspective, presented itself to her.  
Never before had she inhabited such extravagant accommodations.
Everything was so grand that she wasn’t even sure if it was okay to use the rooms interior, or it was just meant for her to look at and admire. It took her a while, but eventually she did reach the conclusion that it would be okay to sit down, after all, Keith had said that he was taking her somewhere more comfortable – what would the point have been if she wasn’t allowed to use the things offered to her.
There weren’t any light bulbs in the chandelier, nor could she discover or power outlets.
That’s when it struck her, she still had her mobile in her pocket. After pulling it out her heart sunk. Eleven percent battery left and no signal. She didn’t even have her charger with her – not that it would do her any good without electricity. Holding down the power button she decided to keep it off until she was somewhere else, where she might get a signal. There was no point in keep it on for another half a day or so until the battery died, when she could just as easily keep it with her, turned off and the battery would last her much longer.
Making a mental note she decided to ask Keith about her luggage, both hand and stow away when she saw him again. Maybe she would get lucky and their things had just been put in another room, but were still accessible and not completely lost.
After that she stood up and moved the first door, that as it turned out, lead to a modern day bathroom. Equipped with everything from a Jacuzzi to a Bidet – except for power outlets, it was a dream in gold and silver ornamented stone. She pressed a button near the waterfall shower and immediately bubbles appeared around her.
Once she was done in the bathroom she moved on to the bedroom, with its large king sized bed and mahogany nightstand.      
It wasn’t until she felt her stomach growl that she decided to end the exploration of the room. Following Keiths instructions she wandered down the hallway, past polished suits of antic armor holding swords, paintings, small tables with fresh flowers on them. It seemed odd that she hadn’t noticed these things when Keith had walked the corridor with her – it was almost as if all of these things had miraculously appeared out of nowhere while she had been in the room.
Shaking the thoughts out of her head Rebecca stepped on the open landing of the stairs and stopped in her tracks. The first thing that overloaded her sensors was the gigantic crystal chandelier that hung from the ceiling over an enormous open space. The sheer size of it left her in awe and wondering how something that looked like it was the size of a whale could be held by the ceiling and one attachment alone. The ceiling itself was another story. A fresco spread across its entirety and she already knew that she would spend a lot of time looking at it later – once she had something in her belly.
After a minute or so she pulled herself back together and started to make her way down the first set of marble stairs.
As she walked down the other sets she noticed the lack of people around her and the utter silence that dominated the area. Every footstep echoed and made her feel uncomfortable – like she should be treading more quietly, even though she was already sneaking as best as she could.
Taken aback she blinked a few times and then closed her eyes. She counted to sixty before she dared open them again. The sight that met her eyes was unlike anything she had ever seen before and made her wonder if she might still be dreaming. The snow-covered courtyard looked normal enough, in the center a large fountain that was spewing water, despite the fact that the rest of the water in sight was frozen. The trees that lined the perfectly cleared paths were covered in a thick layer of undisturbed white – just like the statues that decorated the enclosed area. All of that wasn’t too abnormal, extravagant yes, but not exactly out of the ordinary. It was what her eyes saw on the horizon that made her blink again. Behind the gate a large waterfall was falling from a cloud as if it were a mountain cliff – without a mountain. Otherwise the sky was void of clouds, so she knew there was no mountain there. It made no sense.
 She reached for the iron handle that opened the window and turned it in vain. It didn’t budge, even as she used more force.
“May I recommend the door?” A bored male voice suggested and made her jump out of her skin. The last thing she had expected was someone to talk. Her heart pounding fast from surprise she turned to see the jet black haired man who wore an indifferent expression on his face and had entered the room silently.
“In most societies leaving a room through the door instead of a fourth story window is deemed polite and maybe even slightly safer.”
“I didn’t plan on jumping”, she defended herself from the accusation, “I … I just wanted a better look …”
He hadn’t been one of the people on the floor that much she was sure of, so he had to be someone who knew what was going on here. Her mind raced as she quickly contemplated her options and the best way to handle things. She needed to decide on her course of action quickly, as one thing was sure, standing around and awkwardly staring at him weren’t going to get her anywhere.
“I’m Rebecca”, she started and moved towards him while avoiding stepping on any one on the floor, “it’s a pleasure to meet you.”
You couldn’t go too wrong with a formal introduction – could you?
He raised his eyebrows and blinked as a response.
“I doubt this is a pleasurable experience for you.”
“That doesn’t mean our encounter has to be bad as well.” She retorted, stretching out her hand in his direction, once she had reached him.
“Pleasure.” She repeated
“Keith”, he said, shaking his head slightly and ignoring her gesture, “please follow me. You may ask questions while we walk.”
“Where are you taking me?” She asked immediately as he opened the door. “I want to stay with everyone else.”
“To more comfortable accommodations – you are, of course, welcome to stay in this room, but it will not  help you or them in any way, nor will you be able to acquire any information you might be curious about.”
“Will you let me come back here to check up on them?”
He shrugged as a reply and then added “If you so wish” before leaving the room. Rebecca shot a glance towards Sonja, and then followed him out into the candle lit corridor. Making sure to pay close attention to her surroundings she started to ask the many questions on her chest.
“Where are we and why are we here?” Were her first blurted questions that were directed at his back, as she hadn’t caught up to him yet. The candles were giving off enough light that the hall didn’t seem dark, even though no sunlight was there to brighten the enclosed area, as there were no windows in the walls of the wide corridor.
“This is our home. The much more interesting question is: why did you wake up. I don’t sense anything interesting from you …” His voice trailed and he shook his head again.
“Why are we here?” She asked again, ignoring his statement just as he had ignored her question. “If this is a kidnapping … no … looking at this place, obviously it isn’t – so why or how?”
“Is everyone safe – are they drugged, in a coma, asleep or what?”
“Safe enough. Sleep would be the closest term that you might understand.”
“When will they wake up then?”
“When it is necessary.”
Frustrated she stayed silent. What was the point in asking when the answers were cryptic at best? Why had he offered information if he hadn’t planned to reveal anything? He stopped in front of a closed door and opened it without a word, gesturing that she should go inside. Instead of moving she eyed him.
“Are we … well, am I guest or a prisoner?” She asked directly.
He shrugged and moved away from the door, leaving it wide open for her to peer into. It was a luxuriously sized and furnished living room, with doors led to adjourned rooms.
“I have business to attend to - explore as you wish. When you are hungry you may go to the dining hall. It is on the ground floor. Follow this corridor in either direction to find stairs that lead down, once you are downstairs it will be hard to miss.”
Turing away he left her standing on the long patterned carpet that spread across the entire hallway floor.
“Aren’t you supposed to say something like `keep away from the west wing´ or something like that?”
Keith shot her a slightly confused look over his shoulder. 
“The places where you are not welcome, are obviously locked. Anything else would be foolish.” He stated and paused, this time turning around to face her again.
“A well-meant warning: when Francis returns he will be very curious about you – I advise to keep your distance from him and if possible not let him into your head. Sadly it is not within my power to make sure he is locked away at all times.”
“Who is Francis?” Rebecca asked with a shudder running down her spine. Whoever he was, he sounded like trouble and she had already had more than enough trouble for her liking.
“He is my older brother.”
"It's surreal, don't you think?" I said to Sonja while staring up into the clear sky, where an enormous dragon was leisurely slithering its way through thin air. She laughed but didn't answer, her Digital Camera was as glued to the spectacle between scarce white clouds as her eyes were.
It had no wings, but levitated anyway, as if gravity was nonexistent. It's many arms were pulled up to its body as the massive creature easily maneuvered its way around tall buildings. Despite the distance I could make out the colors of its body, mainly red and yellow. Somehow it seemed so cliche.
Every one on the busy street had stopped and begun to stare into the sky just as we had, some pointed, others merely stared, but most pulled out a device or another to film the appearance.
“It must be some kind of hologram”, Sonja stated after a while, “you know, to attract tourists, or maybe it's some kind of holiday today.”
The look on my face was a clear display of what I thought of her explanatory idea, but she wasn't looking.
“There is nothing about this in any of the brochures,” I knew that for sure, I had read dozens of tourist information booklets on the area before we had arrived “… and this place already has way too many tourists.”
“You can be such a drag sometimes”, she said, still filming the dragon above our heads, “why can't you just enjoy the magical moment for once?”
“I'm trying to”, with a smile I continued to follow the elegant movements of the wingless reptile.
Sonja was right, I really needed to learn to let go of my critical nature sometimes and just enjoy.
“It looks so real.” Sonja added after a few moments of silence between us.
“Yes”, I said and shot her a glance, “it really looks like it has weight and real form – it's very well animated.”
My gaze rested on Sonja for a moment, then focused on some locals that seemed just as surprised about the dragon as we did. There was lots of oo' and aah'ing going on around us. That was when I first noticed it, out of the corner of my eye, no one that I wasn't looking at directly was moving or talking. Like they had been paused – but the instant I turned my head, even just the slightest, they started up again – somehow it didn't seem wrong, but it didn't feel quite right either. It was a fleeing thought that was forgotten in the same moment that it popped into my head. I turned back to the dragon that was slowly heading towards the horizon.
Then I woke up.

The Room

My senses were overwhelmed by the abruptness of my awakening for second. The smell, the blinding light, the pain in my back, the stiffness in the rest of my body and last but not least the feeling of something heavy on my legs. It would have been hard not to notice that I was lying on the floor, surrounded by other people, that seemed to be asleep and were sprawled across the floor. With a groan, due to the aches in my body, I pulled myself up into a sitting position and freed the bottom half of my legs from the heavy man that had been on top of them. He didn't even budge, even after my harsh leg freeing kicks, of which one hit him right in the side. I recognized him as Mr. Hoheneck, one of the people from our traveling group. Confused and disoriented I studied the room we were in. It was warm enough that I felt cozy in my T-Shirt and Jeans, but it had the stale smell of a room that hadn't been aired out for a long time.
As I looked around and noted that the large room, that had a high ceiling only had one door and one tall window, I was blinded by a ray of sunlight that hit my eye.
With a quick movement that I regretted almost immediately, thanks to the pain that shot through my back, I saved myself from the blinding sun that was shining directly into the room.
Slowly I stood up and began to count the amount of people that were laying on the floor like someone had just started a game of Mikado with them.
I counted twenty two, so twenty three including myself.
Everyone from the traveling party I noticed at the same time as I counted them, I couldn't see all of their faces, as some were facing away from me, or were on their stomachs, but I recognized enough of them to figure out the whole group was here, fast asleep, on someones floor.
Contemplating whether I should try to wake them or not it hit me. Realization slammed into me like a car skidding on an icy road might slam into a tree – and I was in the car – or I was the tree.
There was no traveling group.
It had just been me and Sonja on the plane on our way to China for a six week language course. That was the last thing I remembered. Yes our trip to China and the dragon in the sky were still in my head, but it was a senseless blur, a quickly disappearing memory of a dream.
“Sonja?” I asked out loud, I didn't care about waking anyone up – heck I wanted them to wake up and to explain this situation to me. Without me even noticing my breathing had started to quicken as a wave of confusion and panic rolled over me.
“SONJA!” I yelled this time, trying to find her body among the sea of sleeping silhouettes that paid no attention to me. I stumbled over Vincents' arm and then accidentally stepped on his other hand, but he didn't even twitch. At the far end of the room I spotted Sonjas long blond hair, I didn't recognize it at first because Sonja never wore her hair open, it was always in a tight bun, and now it was hanging open on her shoulders and down her back to the floor. In the five years I had known her, I had seen her hair open less than a handful of times.
Kneeling down beside her, I gave her a rough shake, I wasn't in the right frame of mind to tiptoe around. She needed to wake up and calm me down. Now.
“Suya”, I said loudly, my voice trembling and using her beloved nickname, shaking her harder when she didn't budge, but I was not rewarded with any kind of reaction. Without actually wasting a thought on what I was doing I reached for her lower arm and felt for her pulse. It was definitely there, luckily even someone like me who had no clue of first aid could find a pulse. I could see the rhythmic movements of her chest when she breathed, it seemed hard to believe that she was alive. Usually I could wake her with a cough. Two years sharing a dorm room taught you a lot about your roommates sleeping habits. Tears started to gather in my eyes.
“Suya.” I tried again, as my hand wandered in front of my mouth and let myself fall out of the kneel, so my aching back was resting against the cold wall. I closed my eyes and took a row of deep breath to prevent myself from falling even more into panic.
I was the only one that was awake, so it was my duty to figure out how to wake the others and to make sure nothing happened to them in the meantime. To accomplish that I needed my head working, not in a hyperventilating mess.
After another deep breath I opened my eyes and slowly stood up again.
Sitting around moping and waiting had never helped anyone.
Careful not to step on any more extremities I moved over to the window. A gasp escaped my lips.


Current Residence: Munich Germany
deviantWEAR sizing preference: big ~
Print preference: erm ...
Favourite genre of music: Power Metal
Favourite photographer: -
Favourite style of art: pretty much anything
Operating System: Windows - wooo
MP3 player of choice: Samsung
Shell of choice: pretty ones :3
Wallpaper of choice: I am a jedi <3
Skin of choice: anything fun
Favourite cartoon character: Yoh and Hao Asakura
Personal Quote: you just never know where the dragon is ...
so - not like anyone cares anywho - but hey I like talking to myself

Leprechaun Veigar is done - and with that my (last) Veigar Cosplay has been completed - atm I dont think I have the stamina to actually go through with my "every year a Veigar Costume"- idea. Eventhough they are fun and epicly badly made - its still work and money and meh ... well idk ... we will see ... next year ... around Halloween ;)

so in the meantime I have started 2 new projects, and finished another.

Ruffy Winter Island (Drum) Version, will be uploaded as soon as I have some pictures (probably the best costume I have ever made when it comes to the quality of my sewing)

I have started working on Aroria - Destruction Armor from the game R.O.H.A.N.

( pic:… )

and my next Ted version :3 I cant wait to get these two done :3  I have been excited about both for a good half a year now.

Other than that ... I have a lot planned for my "winter break" - more Ruffy Versions, Ukyo from Ranma, my Muc Cosplays - I really want to put an effort in and make them properly - not rush them in a few days and cheat as much as possible, like I usually do :3

well enough of me talking to myself now ... bla bla bla

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