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“Would you just shut the fuck up Francis?” Keith growled in his brothers’ direction. Everything was going wrong. Absolutely everything and the last thing he needed was his older siblings’ opinion on the matter at hand. He needed to concentrate and neither annoying Francis, nor his own racing heart, were helping very much. Not that Francis was ever much help.
“Just sayin … if you had listened to me, all of this wouldn’t have happened.” Francis said and Keith didn’t have to see him to know how wide the smug on his damn face was.
“Oh.” Keith stated without looking up from the shards he was examining. The remains of the crystal he had placed earlier. It looked as if it had been blasted apart from the inside. Despite his attempt to analyze the material he found no trace of who or what had destroyed it.
“Yeah, sure. Next time I’ll listen to your retarded ideas and everything will blow up instead of just this, then we won’t be able to save even one of them. Sounds brilliant.”
It hadn’t been his fault that things hadn’t worked out as planned. Someone had interfered. Otherwise everything would have worked fine.
“Still sounds better than what you are doing now. You are endangering us for a few of them. We can always make another plane disappear.”
“Shut the fuck up – either help me – or go away.” Keith said, his voice trembling with anger. Two dozen. Twenty four people. That was all that had survived the crash. Twenty four of the over two hundred and fifty passengers that had been on board had survived.
Slowly Keith straightened up from his crouching position; his eyes scanned the wreckage that surrounded them. There was nothing left for him to do, other than take the survivors and leave. Twenty four was still better than none.
“You are putting way too much energy into this.” He heard Francis say from a few meters away, right before the loud crash of debris that fell to the ground after being shifted slightly. “Oops.” Francis laughed. “Twenty three.”
Shaking his head Keith moved to an old man who was still strapped into his seat and breathing shallowly into his yellow oxygen mask. His white hair was partially stained red by his own blood which was also dripping down the side of his face. In a swift movement Keith freed the man from the seatbelt and lifted the unconscious man from the seat before half dragging, half carrying him to a grassy space that was free of plane parts. There he placed his hand on the man’s wounds and closed his eyes.
“What really? Don’t waste your mana on a Sleeper.” Francis complained from further away, where he was pulling a young girl from the debris. Her clothes were tattered and ripped, but other than the fact that she was unconscious, she was fine.
A shiver ran down Keith’s spine as he felt the gaping wound on the old man’s forehead close. That would have to do for now. There were others that needed healing as well.
It took them a while but they managed to pull the surviving twenty three to safety, without any further accidents and only minimal complaining from Francis.
“Ready?” Frances asked and Keith nodded in reply.
Without a sound they disappeared with the twenty three unconscious bodies that surrounded them.
The sound of bodies hitting the floor welcomed Keith when they reappeared in one of the smaller rooms of their house.
“Oops, miscalculated.” Francis laughed, stepping over one of the bodies that had just dropped a good two meters from where he had made them appear, to the wooden floor.
“Miscalculated my ass.”  Keith sighed and rubbed his eyes with his fingers.
“A days job well done.” Stretching Francis moved towards the door of the room. “I think we’ve earned ourselves some tea.”
Keith drew a slow, deep breath and started to follow his older brother shaking his head. “I need some Uisce Beatha.”    
Closing the door behind himself, Keith knew he had done what he could.
The survivors were sharing a lovely dream and were at peace and would remain that way until their demise. He just wished, he could have offered the other passengers of the flight the same untroubled end
Brotherhood (week 1)
the beginning of a scenario that has been in my head for a while ;)


Current Residence: Munich Germany
deviantWEAR sizing preference: big ~
Print preference: erm ...
Favourite genre of music: Power Metal
Favourite photographer: -
Favourite style of art: pretty much anything
Operating System: Windows - wooo
MP3 player of choice: Samsung
Shell of choice: pretty ones :3
Wallpaper of choice: I am a jedi <3
Skin of choice: anything fun
Favourite cartoon character: Yoh and Hao Asakura
Personal Quote: you just never know where the dragon is ...
so - not like anyone cares anywho - but hey I like talking to myself

Leprechaun Veigar is done - and with that my (last) Veigar Cosplay has been completed - atm I dont think I have the stamina to actually go through with my "every year a Veigar Costume"- idea. Eventhough they are fun and epicly badly made - its still work and money and meh ... well idk ... we will see ... next year ... around Halloween ;)

so in the meantime I have started 2 new projects, and finished another.

Ruffy Winter Island (Drum) Version, will be uploaded as soon as I have some pictures (probably the best costume I have ever made when it comes to the quality of my sewing)

I have started working on Aroria - Destruction Armor from the game R.O.H.A.N.

( pic:… )

and my next Ted version :3 I cant wait to get these two done :3  I have been excited about both for a good half a year now.

Other than that ... I have a lot planned for my "winter break" - more Ruffy Versions, Ukyo from Ranma, my Muc Cosplays - I really want to put an effort in and make them properly - not rush them in a few days and cheat as much as possible, like I usually do :3

well enough of me talking to myself now ... bla bla bla

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