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COSPLAY CONTEST SNOWDOWN SHOWDOWN POEM! by Alelamon COSPLAY CONTEST SNOWDOWN SHOWDOWN POEM! :iconalelamon:Alelamon 4 0 Lunar Goddess by Alelamon Lunar Goddess :iconalelamon:Alelamon 19 1 lunar goddess Diana by Alelamon lunar goddess Diana :iconalelamon:Alelamon 6 3 League of Legends Cosplay Contest @ GamesCom 2015 by Alelamon League of Legends Cosplay Contest @ GamesCom 2015 :iconalelamon:Alelamon 0 3 Marielle thinking of Naotsugu by Alelamon Marielle thinking of Naotsugu :iconalelamon:Alelamon 6 2 Marielle of Crescent Moon by Alelamon Marielle of Crescent Moon :iconalelamon:Alelamon 5 0 Pool Party Leona :D by Alelamon Pool Party Leona :D :iconalelamon:Alelamon 33 6 Pool Party Leona by Alelamon Pool Party Leona :iconalelamon:Alelamon 5 0 Marielle Cosplay (Log Horizon) by Alelamon Marielle Cosplay (Log Horizon) :iconalelamon:Alelamon 8 6
We all know the situation – you're winning. You're not just winning you are destroying the enemy team. If the enemy team was named 'Butter', your team name would be 'Hot Knife', because you're cutting through them like well … a hot knife cuts through butter. Over 40 minutes in, you're all fed as hell, close to full build across the team. They only have their Nexus turrets left, minions pushing every lane, the whole map is warded, you just took baron, so in short: life is good. And then Vayne decides to end the game. Alone. She's running towards the enemy base like there's no tomorrow and in fact … the enemy team that had just wiped right before Baron is back up. Brave Vayne takes them on - she is determined to win this. Now. Well it doesn't work as planned. Meanwhile Thresh is running towards Vayne, lantern in hand, hoping to get in range to save her sorry ass but he is just that one second to slow and gets caught by the Vi ult. That's two down. Death timers at over 5
:iconalelamon:Alelamon 0 0
The first hours of solitude (week 4)
She only followed Keith with her eyes as he walked away down the long corridor. It wasn’t easy resisting the urge to chase him down and try to pummel information out of him. His high and mighty stupid answers had just frustrated and angered her. Luckily she was still calm enough to be able to realistically calculate her chances and was smart enough to know that he probably wasn’t someone whose bad side she wanted to be on. He was unwilling and arrogant yes, but so far he hadn’t been outright rude or dangerous. The second his silhouette had turned out of sight, she unclenched her fist and turned to face the open door.
The furniture inside the large room looked as if it had never been used before. She ran her fingers over the mint green cushioning of one of the old fashioned sofas and wondered what kind of noble house she was in. The only time she had ever seen similar furnishing before was inside palaces that had been turned into museums and those were hundreds
:iconalelamon:Alelamon 0 0
Keith (week 3)
Taken aback she blinked a few times and then closed her eyes. She counted to sixty before she dared open them again. The sight that met her eyes was unlike anything she had ever seen before and made her wonder if she might still be dreaming. The snow-covered courtyard looked normal enough, in the center a large fountain that was spewing water, despite the fact that the rest of the water in sight was frozen. The trees that lined the perfectly cleared paths were covered in a thick layer of undisturbed white – just like the statues that decorated the enclosed area. All of that wasn’t too abnormal, extravagant yes, but not exactly out of the ordinary. It was what her eyes saw on the horizon that made her blink again. Behind the gate a large waterfall was falling from a cloud as if it were a mountain cliff – without a mountain. Otherwise the sky was void of clouds, so she knew there was no mountain there. It made no sense.
 She reached for the iron handle that
:iconalelamon:Alelamon 0 0
The first room (week 2)
"It's surreal, don't you think?" I said to Sonja while staring up into the clear sky, where an enormous dragon was leisurely slithering its way through thin air. She laughed but didn't answer, her Digital Camera was as glued to the spectacle between scarce white clouds as her eyes were.
It had no wings, but levitated anyway, as if gravity was nonexistent. It's many arms were pulled up to its body as the massive creature easily maneuvered its way around tall buildings. Despite the distance I could make out the colors of its body, mainly red and yellow. Somehow it seemed so cliche.
Every one on the busy street had stopped and begun to stare into the sky just as we had, some pointed, others merely stared, but most pulled out a device or another to film the appearance.
“It must be some kind of hologram”, Sonja stated after a while, “you know, to attract tourists, or maybe it's some kind of holiday today.”
The look on my face was a clear display of what I thought of
:iconalelamon:Alelamon 1 0
Brotherhood (week 1)
“Would you just shut the fuck up Francis?” Keith growled in his brothers’ direction. Everything was going wrong. Absolutely everything and the last thing he needed was his older siblings’ opinion on the matter at hand. He needed to concentrate and neither annoying Francis, nor his own racing heart, were helping very much. Not that Francis was ever much help.
“Just sayin … if you had listened to me, all of this wouldn’t have happened.” Francis said and Keith didn’t have to see him to know how wide the smug on his damn face was.
“Oh.” Keith stated without looking up from the shards he was examining. The remains of the crystal he had placed earlier. It looked as if it had been blasted apart from the inside. Despite his attempt to analyze the material he found no trace of who or what had destroyed it.
“Yeah, sure. Next time I’ll listen to your retarded ideas and everything will blow up instead of just this, then
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Week Zero by Alelamon Week Zero :iconalelamon:Alelamon 0 0 Dusk by Alelamon Dusk :iconalelamon:Alelamon 24 12


Farewell by sakimichan Farewell :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 17,445 350 League Of Legends Cosplay- Now Who's Looking Up? by ScotlandBunnyCosplay League Of Legends Cosplay- Now Who's Looking Up? :iconscotlandbunnycosplay:ScotlandBunnyCosplay 3 0 Tai Chi Mando by MandalorianKnight Tai Chi Mando :iconmandalorianknight:MandalorianKnight 59 55 Strong world Luffy by Kya-Luffy Strong world Luffy :iconkya-luffy:Kya-Luffy 12 7 Alice in wonderland by MagentaTeam Alice in wonderland :iconmagentateam:MagentaTeam 27 8 Log Horizon: D-D-DATABASE by PokeyPokums Log Horizon: D-D-DATABASE :iconpokeypokums:PokeyPokums 480 72 Log Horizon - Shiroe by Krukmeister Log Horizon - Shiroe :iconkrukmeister:Krukmeister 210 13 Chibi Ashe by TenebrisArt Chibi Ashe :icontenebrisart:TenebrisArt 33 2 Pool party Leona by Cillianna Pool party Leona :iconcillianna:Cillianna 13 2 The Elf and the Drow by Faye--Faye The Elf and the Drow :iconfaye--faye:Faye--Faye 1,478 136 -Autumnal path- by Janek-Sedlar -Autumnal path- :iconjanek-sedlar:Janek-Sedlar 2,144 86 Time to Kill by iya-chen Time to Kill :iconiya-chen:iya-chen 7,886 433 Haunted Manor by PatiMakowska Haunted Manor :iconpatimakowska:PatiMakowska 1,645 117 LoL S3: Demacian Training by juhaihai LoL S3: Demacian Training :iconjuhaihai:juhaihai 1,064 110 Brookoda by Alalein Brookoda :iconalalein:Alalein 11 9 Demacia n Noxus by ekiholic Demacia n Noxus :iconekiholic:ekiholic 276 19




Send in ONE League of Legends Festive, Holiday or Winter Cosplay photo by 30.12.2016 - 23:59 CET

Include following following information:
Your name & Cosplay Page
LoL Server Region
Photographer Name & Page

A caption for your Photo
Your Summoner Name

1st: Size M Black Worbla
LoL-Glas Set
Ziggs T-Shirt
Rammus KeyChain

2nd: Size S Black Worbla
LoL-Glas Set
Ziggs T-Shirt 
Rammus KeyChain

3rd: 100g Worbla's Deco Art Pellets 
Ziggs T-Shirt
Rammus KeyChain

Fan Favorite: 5000 RP

Information & Rules:
All contributions will be uploaded on the 31th of December into the “Snowdown Showdown 2016” Contest folder

Fan Favorite:
Once Photos are uploaded, share with your friends and collect as many likes as possible for your shot at the Fan Favorite Prize of 5000 RP! 
Last Likes will be counted on 06.01.2017 at 13:00 CET! 
Winner Announcement: 06.01.2017 at 20:00 CET!

Three judges will select the winners based on a range of criteria. 
Some but not all categories are: Photo Composition, Creativity, Cosplay Quality
The judges will not be revealed, until the contest winners have already been announced.

No re-entering with a submissions from any of our prior contests - the same Cosplay is fine, just not the same photo!
The prize will be given to the person who submitted the picture, even if several people are displayed (please state which person you are)
Costumes have to be recognizable as League of Legends related, but do not have to be wearing an official Skin! Kigurumis, Genderbends, Casual Versions and non-Champions are all fine
Only submissions that reach us per Email via with all mandatory information will be accepted
Entry deadline is 30.12.2016, 23:59 CET

If you have any further questions, feel free to ask!

- Poem by me (… )
- Design by :KorumeruPhotography:



Current Residence: Munich Germany
deviantWEAR sizing preference: big ~
Print preference: erm ...
Favourite genre of music: Power Metal
Favourite photographer: -
Favourite style of art: pretty much anything
Operating System: Windows - wooo
MP3 player of choice: Samsung
Shell of choice: pretty ones :3
Wallpaper of choice: I am a jedi <3
Skin of choice: anything fun
Favourite cartoon character: Yoh and Hao Asakura
Personal Quote: you just never know where the dragon is ...
so - not like anyone cares anywho - but hey I like talking to myself

Leprechaun Veigar is done - and with that my (last) Veigar Cosplay has been completed - atm I dont think I have the stamina to actually go through with my "every year a Veigar Costume"- idea. Eventhough they are fun and epicly badly made - its still work and money and meh ... well idk ... we will see ... next year ... around Halloween ;)

so in the meantime I have started 2 new projects, and finished another.

Ruffy Winter Island (Drum) Version, will be uploaded as soon as I have some pictures (probably the best costume I have ever made when it comes to the quality of my sewing)

I have started working on Aroria - Destruction Armor from the game R.O.H.A.N.

( pic:… )

and my next Ted version :3 I cant wait to get these two done :3  I have been excited about both for a good half a year now.

Other than that ... I have a lot planned for my "winter break" - more Ruffy Versions, Ukyo from Ranma, my Muc Cosplays - I really want to put an effort in and make them properly - not rush them in a few days and cheat as much as possible, like I usually do :3

well enough of me talking to myself now ... bla bla bla



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